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Hofdame Bits and Bobs

There’s a lot of coronation chatter going around royal social media lately, mostly concerning what might be a dearth of tiaras in the Abbey. We would like to remind everyone that nothing has been confirmed by the Palace yet! Don’t despair, Baguettes and Hofdudes. In the meantime, let’s turn our attention to other royals doing other pretty and worthy things.


Remember the Queen’s Green Canopy project that was launched in a tribute to the Queen’s service a few years ago? It’s wrapping up, and there is a lovely video, narrated by Dame Judi Dench, on the Royal Family’s social media pages.


If you didn’t like last week’s Rose Ball offerings, perhaps Tatiana Santo Domingo Casiraghi in this Ashish gown will be more to your taste. Or maybe it will at least brighten your day.


We haven’t featured Crown Princess Victoria much lately, but she’s been hard at work. Here she is meeting with the foreign minister in an ensemble that is a bit off her usual style. She wore a Goat sweater ensemble with a thin Andiata belt wrapped around her several times.

Last week she went on a two-day visit to Georgia, and pulled out two of my favorites to re-wear, her Baum and Pferdagen jacket and skirt combination, and her House of Dagmar red dress (with a square neck!).

I like the dress a lot, but it’s the clutch that caught my attention. It was a gift from the Georgian ambassador to Sweden to the Crown Princess, and it is from Samoseli Purveli.


Crown Princess Mette Marit attended the 2023 Young Critics’ Award ceremony at Sentralen Culture Center in Oslo. The designer of her royal lady pantsuit has not been identified, but it’s sharp and it’s always good to get a glimpse of her.

Like mother, like daughter! Princess Ingrid Alexandra was in a school revue recently and she chose a Pia Tjelta design for the event.

Queen Sonja popped off to Paris to attend the “Voyage Vers l’intérieur” exhibition at Musee d’Art Moderne. If she isn’t a walking, talking advertisement for the royal lady pantsuit here, I don’t what is.

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Here’s a pretty deployment of a brooch!

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We promised you pretty things, and these gowns, designed for the Norwegian coronation in 1906, should fit the bill.


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