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Who knew November was such a busy royal month? Birthdays, feasts, appearances – the royals have been everywhere. Let’s get started.

The First and Last Words about Prince Andrew

We understand that The Handbag is a drama-free refuge for most of us. We will not be covering or mentioning Prince Andrew in posts while the serious allegations around him remain unresolved. We will continue to cover both Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice, and of course, all other members of the British royal family.

The Hofdames really appreciate that our Community has not broached the topic of Andrew in the comments. We have had a couple of inquiries as to whether discussion about the clothing of Beatrice and Eugenie is allowed, and it is absolutely welcome as long as we stick to their fashion choices. We thank you all for your discretion and your continued support of this blog and its objectives. You all have been terrific.

Getty Weekly Photo Roundups

If you are reading here, we assume you like royals and you like photos. Getty links to some of the events of last week:

Emperor Naruhito performas Daijosai Rite
King Albert and Queen Paola celebrate King Philippe’s Birthday
Princess Charlene distributes Red Cross Christmas Gifts
Duchess of Cambridge Opens Nook Children Hospice


Queen Mathilde sometimes likes to sidle up to the sartorial crazy side and just embrace it. Here she wore a very complicated Natan coat ( I think I would need a set of step by step instructions just to put it on) during a royal visit to the ‘Institut du Sacre-Coeur’.

Embed from Getty Images

I haven’t been able to find confirmation on the designer of this ensemble, but I would put money on Natan. The Queen was attending the opening of the 1st Congress of the International Mukwege Chair, a group dedicated to interdisciplinary study on the effect of sexual violence. 

Embed from Getty Images

She repeated her Carolina Herrera blue lace dress in a joint appearance with Philippe.

Embed from Getty Images


The banquets related to the enthronement continue in Japan.

Once of our classic princesses, Princess Hisako, has been insanely busy, including a lovely kimono outing. It is astounding how her good humor never flags.

Our Community Efforts

Our community members Iselen and Too Much Hemlock have submitted videos that are balm for the eyes.

From Iselen, a video about the clothing of Queen Sirikit of Thailand, who developed a new, traditional style for her 1960 royal tour of Europe and the United States. The fashion incorporated traditional Thai style and modern elements, many of which were designed by Balmain. You’ll also glimpse an enormous tiara and some European royals of the day. Enjoy the beautiful video of the beautiful Queen. More videos can be found here.

From Too Much Hemlock, here is an enchanting video on the wedding of the Duchess of Vendome, whose dress we covered a couple of weeks ago.

If you are looking to do some early royal-related Christmas shopping, you should check out The Crown Chronicles shop. Working in conjunction with artist Amelia Noyes, they have created a royal-themed collection in time for the holidays.

Book Nook

It’s in Swedish, but it might be worth learning to read the language! Princess Christina has written a book about her grandmother Princess Margaret of Connaught. The cover alone is intriguing, and apparently the book features conversations with Princess Benedikte and Queen Margrethe. Princess Margaret (Margareta) has descendants in the Swedish, Danish and Greek royal houses, and we have discussed some of the wedding traditions that continue on due to her legacy.

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