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Hofdame Bits and Bobs

For those re-emerging from the Thanksgiving Holiday, welcome back to the working week. For everyone else, hello again – hope you didn’t miss us too much ; ). Let’s just just get right down to it.


Getty has been busy re-coding their embed function again, so we are relying on Instagram photos for the time being. Hopefully all that is sorted out soon (before the Nobel Ceremonies!).

We have been doing a 24 day to Christmas countdown on Twitter, featuring iconic royal evening gowns. Keep an eye on the Twitter feed for more fun!

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Newsworthy on the Net

  • Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge have filmed a television special with Mary Berry, due to air on December 16. I hope our British Handbaggers report back.
  • Queen Elizabeth I was an author and translator, as well as Queen.
  • Love Cartier as much as I do? Head on over to Tokyo for the “Crystallization of Time” exhibit. Even the website is pure beauty.
  • File this in the “What Already?” folder: Princess Aiko turns 18!
    • And file this under “Interesting and why hasn’t it happened yet”, per the article: “An October poll by Kyodo News showed that 81.9 percent of the public are in favor of Japan having a reigning empress.”
  • Wondering what happened with Princess Mako’s engagement? Her father is, too, and wants her to update the public about it.
  • The Norwegian Princely couple hosted their annual dinner at Skaugum for the Norwegian civil society, the country’s Red Cross. Mette-Marit was there, looking great in red.
  • Margareta, Custodian of the Crown of Romania, has been standing firm in her defense of her family and country. If you have a chance to read the speech at the link (in English), I encourage you to do so. For our purposes here, she has been doing so while looking extremely pulled together.
  • Speaking of Romania, were you aware that Queen Mother Helen of Romania, the divorced wife of Carol II, is a Righteous Among Nations, just as Princess Alice was? There is an upcoming program on Romanian television about her fascinating and courageous life, and I encourage any Romanian speakers here to report back.


The Christmas season is here, ready or not. The Danes have been telegraphing it by wearing a lot of red to events, Marie in particular. It’s a good thing it suits her.


The entire Grand Ducal family convened at the Château de Colmar-Berg on the 100th anniversary of the accession to the throne of Grand Duchess Charlotte.


Sophie attended a “Women Mediators Across the Commonwealth” discussion, and although I could sit and quibble about the clothing I prefer to focus on how absolutely thrilled everyone was with her participation. Joy all around.


We all got a bit too excited on last weeks Bits and Bobs at a possible hair bob reappearance, but Leti had us fooled with a fake-out hairstyle. Still, this was an overall stellar appearance in a Dries Van Noten midi. Utterly Leti and and utterly chic. Queen Letizia Style will bring you up to date on all the accessorizing.

The Netherlands

WAX just endeared himself to me, yet again, by gamely climbing on to this two-person bike, which allows those who can no longer bicycle continue on with the activity. The way the Dutch look after their elderly and compromised populations is truly heart warming.

What did I miss?

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