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Hofdame Bits and Bobs

Welcome back to the working week. If you are an Elvis Costello fan, you will remember the lyrics “I know it don’t thrill you, I hope it don’t kill you….”, and if even if you have never heard that song, you can understand the sentiment. No worry, we are back too, bringing you some Bits and Bobs to make it all better.

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The Queen remains in Sandringham until February, and various members of the royal family and friends have joined her at church. Last week we got a lovely surprise in that both Michael and Carole Middleton were in attendance, with Kate and William. It is rumored that a group of friends and family gather at Anmer for Kate’s birthday every year, and this might be the weekend (edited: It is. Check out Regal Fille if you want to see the guests). I love this multi-colored coat (Roksanda) and bright blue fedora (Hicks and Brown) on Kate, and Carole looks elegant as always in her large fur hat. See New My Royals for more photos.

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It doesn’t seem like it’s possible to an old-timer such as me, but it’s been thirty years since the Romanian Royal Family returned from exile. The family will be celebrating on January 17 and 18th, and you can marvel at a young Margareta below. She’s barely changed, right? It’s been a long road for her, and she carries it all lightly, as if it is in a day’s work.


Now this is interesting! Queen Sofia and her sister, Princess Irene, attended a recycled instrument Orchestra Cateura at Teatro Real royal opera house. We don’t often get to see Irene, and the recycled instruments intrigue me. I also wish we saw more of Sofia’s outfit.

New My Royals explains the orchestra: Cateura’s Recycled Instruments Orchestra was created by children and youth from Praguay’s city of Asunción, a marginal neighbourhood built on top of a landfill.

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The fabulous Queen Mathilde Blogger, Modekoningin Mathilde, has a comprehensive post about Mathilde’s 2019 fashion choices. It’s in Dutch, but there are enough graphics that you can pick up on what is going on. HInt: Over 50% of her official wardrobe is ….. ta da….. Natan!


Let’s wrap up the fashion with some Benedike, attending a performance of The Snow Queen. More photos at New My Royals.

Royal Response to Australian Fires

We would be remiss not to mention the fires currently raging in Australia, and, in the spirit of this blog, provide the royal responses below. For those looking to take practical action, the Sussex Instagram post lists some ways to help.

We are greatly concerned about our Australian community members during this long, very difficult summer. We understand that people are – rightfully – concerned about each other. To keep the comments royal-focused, please let us know if you would like to reach one of our Australian Handbaggers and we will facilitate the exchange of email addresses. If you live in Australia and wish to communicate with fellow Handbaggers, please let us know and advise us of your email address. We can be reached at

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