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Hofdame Bits and Bobs

The royals are beginning to disappear into vacation mode. Fortunately, some of those folks have been gracious enough to give us a few peeks into their private holiday worlds, and there are still some hardy royal souls punching the clock.


The Belgian royal family held a reunion for Albert and Paola’s diamond wedding anniversary. Children and grandchildren gathered around, and given some of the family’s previous drama, this is very nice to see.

A few of you (cough, OC, cough) will have to avert your eyes at Sofia’s yacht club gear but I have a soft spot for this type of thing. I did everyone who doesn’t a favor and provided a photo from mid-torso northward.

Raise your your hand if you want Mozah to curate your vacation wardrobe.

Martha Louise has a new posse member.


There are royals still beavering away at their work schedules. Here’s a pairing you don’t often see. Victoria and Felix of Luxembourg inaugurated a new water plant for Öland (my U.S. centric autocorrect keeps wanting to change that to Orlando).

Daisy is ostensibly on holiday but she keeps popping up at official events, here at a ballet. She is wearing very Daisy vacation earrings, though!


Charles and Camilla are touring Cornwall, and ice cream sampling is on the docket.

This and That

Trace the life of HerMaj in bank notes. It’s strangely riveting.

If you are a Tudor History geek, as I am, you might find this story on the death of Anne of Cleves right up your alley. Definitely the savviest and luckiest of the six wives of Henry VIII.

Let us know what fascinating royal ephemera is on your mind!