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Hofdame Bits and Bobs

To those who celebrate such things, have a happy Valentine’s week. Here are some royals to bring a sprinkling of love to your life.


The royal week of February 2nd, in case you missed something.

Official Portraits

Official portraits from the Dutch, Swedish and (late addition) Spanish royal families. Margriet seems to shine here, doesn’t she? That’s hard to do when you have such charismatic competition!

The Crown Princess Couple, Princess Estelle and Prince Oscar. Photo: Anna-Lena Ahlström, The Royal Court of Sweden

The Spanish royals have some incredible genetic material to work with, don’t they? Infanta Sofia also continues to channel her great aunt Irene in strong ways. Check out Casa Real for all the photos.

Not at all royal, but….

… an Oscar tiara! Well, actually, thanks to our friend Tiara Mania we know that it’s not a tiara but a necklace. It fascinated me – I wonder if the tiara-averse Char would be amenable to something like this? Oh, heck, the only one I could see actually doing this is Daisy, and she has already her aigrette to play with.

Great Britain

It amuses me to see an obviously star-struck Katy Perry sharing the stage with Charles. They were attending a reception for the British Asian Trust, of which Charles is the founding royal patron. Like everything these days, there was a bit of a kerfuffle about Katy Perry coming onboard, but I say if it’s doing good, keep doing it.

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If you are interested in the repatriation of the Romanian royals, there is a documentary on Facebook that may intrigue you:


Let’s end with some Benedikte and her sister, attending the Faberge Chamber opening at Amalienborg Palace. Now there’s a glamorous way to spend time with family.

What did I miss?

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