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Hofdame Bits and Bobs

Just a few things have happened, so let’s jump in. Note that Getty is having some connection wonkiness, so photos may or may not appear. Refresh and be patient. They should eventually return for you.


The Spains have not stopped working, and Leti wore a series of outfits that are bound to keep everyone talking. Iselen kept everyone up to date on the last Bits, but for those of you who don’t go back, Getty has the montage. Sonja turned the youngest 83 ever. Sophie has grown out her hair even longer and found her round brush – she’s got some volume going on. Camilla and Kate played blue and white twins. See it all here.

The Netherlands

The talented King paid a visit to the Volkel Airbase and of course immediately jumped in a fighter plane because, well, he’s WAX.

Meanwhile Maxima has been getting her monochrome on, in a big way. Yes, that is Natan, all pink, head-to-toe, to present the 2020 Appeltjes van Oranje social awards in a studio in Hilversum. She chose a yellow Zara pantsuit for a visit to the climbing forest Zeeuwse Helden and Ons Buiten campsite. There is a close-up of her shoes in the slideshow, just because.

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Embed from Getty Images


Captain Sweden and his lovely wife have also been working. Silvia appeared in a Hofdame-approved suit for the Samena Council Leaders’ Summit, discussing online safety for children. I just love the crisp yet summery effect of all of this.


We didn’t get a wedding for Bea this spring, but we do get a new portrait, and to my eyes it’s a fascinating throwback to her (insert four greats here) grandmother.

Catherine appeared with her buddy, Andy Murray, thrilling young tennis fans at Bond Primary School. The dress is said to be by HVN, a new brand for her. I would love to see this print in full because I like the color and neckline a lot. As usual, New My Royals has the best photos.

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Virtual Vacationing with the Royals

On our continual summer vacation with the royals, we join up with Princess Charlene and family. They are cruising the Mediterranean, which I suppose is actually their backyard, lucky ducks. Char is training for the Riviera Water Bike Challenge, and, well, you tell me if it looks doable ; ).

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