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Hofdame Bits and Bobs

I have wedding hangover, which is quite a feat given that it was a wedding that we only learned of after the fact, and of which we have only seen a handful of photos. Pure joy, nonetheless. Onward to the daily business of royaling.


Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall are working, the King and Queen of Spain continue their country tour, and the Belgians celebrated a new kind of National Day. See it all here.

Captain (Sir) Tom

The other signficiant royal event in Britain was the knighting of Captain Tom. Do you have tears? As the Bard said, be prepared to shed them. The Queen herself looked very pleased to be knighting the man who modeled good citizenship during the COVID19 lockdown. He raised 32 million for the NHS, folks, by walking around his garden. Makes me re-evaluate the way I spend my time. Seriously, good on ya, sir. You humble me.

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I am not sure what to say here, sartorially, so I’ll say nothing but “this is some interesting color coordination between mask and gown”. You tell me what you think of Mathilde’s and Astrid’s ensembles at the traditional concert before National Day. Til’s gown is by Natan.

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Tilly has done quite bit of this mask coordination. Here she is a few days later, at a conference for summer camps.

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We haven’t checked in with them in a while, but they are as always busy supporting their country’s enterprises. The Queen and Princess Iman recently visited Al Baraka, a company supporting sustainable tourism. Love Rania’s pink shirt (More photos at Queen Rania’s Closet and her official website. )

The King and Crown Prince met with members of the COVID response team, among many other things. I just liked these photos because we see both of them, and that makes my day better.

The Crown Prince recently celebrated his 26th birthday, and here’s another photo of him because I am that shallow.

Virtual Vacationing with the Royals

We’re catching up with the healthy handsome Danes at Graasten this week. When did Prince Christian grow up to be Fred? It seems a bit windy, but sunny, and they seem like a fun family to hang out with. So let’s go!

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