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Hofdame Bits and Bobs

When we started blogging about royals we were told that we would struggle to find material in the summer months. I have to ask: when does that start? There is so much going on, let’s get going!

Emperors, Kings and Queens in Training

The Japanese Imperial Family is going on vacation, and the Imperial heirs will travel separately. The Crown Prince will travel to Bhutan first, and Prince HIsahito and Princess Kiko will arrive together, later.

Prince George is six and his mummy is commemorating the date with her patented Catherine Camera Angles. She has really gotten good at capturing those moments. As an aside, does it seem like six years to all of you? When we were all staring at the Lindo Wing door for days?

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This is SO GOOD. Backstage with Elisabeth at King Philippe’s national day address. She is really stepping forward these days and is emerging as an elegant and poised young woman.

The Dutch royal family posted a photo of Max and Wax and three random adults in flowing summer dresses. Just kidding! The Dutch princesses are racing toward adulthood, though. I am intrigued in particular by our budding fashionista Alexia’s Sandro Paris dress.

The Queen in Training, Amalia, is also wearing the brand. Each princess was photographed alone, and I am completely fascinated by the photo featuring the heir. She already looks comfortable in the role. It’s interesting to trace the family dynamic in photos, from the three little girls all dressed alike to this point in time, when their personalities shine separately.

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Here is a tip from one of our readers: “If you search for “Willem & Maxima interview” (or some approximation) on YouTube, you’ll come across a 9. 5” video of the shoot.  It shows so much more of the family loving dynamics and the girls’ very teenage primping & self consciousness.”

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Here is a great way to spend summer: hanging with granny and gramps. Based on the photo of what is left of dinner, I wish I had been invited. Great summer shift on Olympia, too.

Balmoral has bats! And the Queen doesn’t mind, not at all. In fact, they enhance her holiday experience ; ).


Some possible tiara action in October! The Belgian royals will pay a visit to Luxembourg from October 15 to October 17.

Actual Queens a-Queening and some Classic Princess Action

I love these two, what else can I say? Summer suits Daisy, in particular.

Princess Alexandra charms the socks off the community of Telford.

Whew! What did I miss?