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Hofdame Bits and Bobs

“All that I would like to be is human, having a share
in a civilized, articulate and well-adjusted
community where the mind is given its due
but the body is not distrusted”

― Louis MacNeice, Autumn Journal

It’s almost fall (or autumn, if you are not from the US), and that quote reminded me of all you lovely folks here at the Bag. Now that we have had our share of high culture, let’s move on to the more frivolous.


Cams wears a face shield to visit some doggies, Letizia sports an excellent autumn dress, and poor Leonor’s school days are already interrupted. Photos of the royal week are here.

Tiara Alerts

The Earl of Southesk married Camille Ascoli on September 5th and rumor has it she was wearing the Fife (or the Fife Fringe, which is reported as being “off exhibit” at Kensington Palace). Per Tiara Mania, the family is very private, so we may not see any photos. Here’s a refresher, the MIGHTY FIFE worn by the groom’s mother at her 1987 wedding, by Princess Louise and by Princess Alexandra. Sigh.

A real tiara sighting here, though. It’s Grand Duchess Marie Adelaide’s sapphire tiara. Princess Claire has worn this one too.


Charlene completed her water bike challenge (her team won!), and the whole family gathered together in their sunnies to watch – well, dad left off the glasses and instead appeared in some dad shorts.

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From hot and sunny Monaco to Denmark, where fall is coming in fast. Count on Daisy to provide the best autumn fashion spread ever. Daisy opened Denmark’s first and only UNESCO-certified geopark.  I’ll give Daisy this: she knows how to dress expressly for the occasion.

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Et af verdens væsentligste bronzealderfund blev fundet i Trundholm Mose i 1902, da husmand Frederik Willumsen første gang pløjede sin jord og fandt det, der siden er blevet kendt som Solvognen. Bronzefiguren, der forestiller en sekshjulet vogn med hest og guldbelagt solskive, er i dag et nationalklenodie, der kan opleves på Nationalmuseet i København. Men selve fundstedet i Nordvestsjælland har indtil nu været et utilgængeligt område for besøgende.⁣ ⁣ Det blev der lavet om på i dag, da Hendes Majestæt Dronningen i regnvejr indviede den nye kultur- og naturattraktion Solvognens Fundsted, der formidler historien om figuren fra den ældre bronzealder. Attraktionen er en del af Geopark Odsherred, der er Danmarks første og eneste UNESCO-certificerede geopark. Parkens særlige opgave ligger i at bevare og formidle områdets særlige landskab, og Dronningen besøgte også Geopark Odsherred for fire år siden under sit sommertogt i kommunen. Her fik Majestæten præsenteret planerne for den attraktion, der i dag kunne indvies.

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I know that we discussed Mary’s appearance at Flag Day in last week’s Bits comments, but this brooch deserves its a second look. This was Daisy’s gift to Mary on Christian’s birth. This sapphire and diamond brooch came to the Danes through Ingrid, and to Ingrid through our blog mascot Princess Margaret of Connaught. In more Mary news, she competed in her first dressage event, cheered on by an adorable Isabella and enthusiastic Nathalie. We don’t have access to the photos, but New My Royals has lots here.

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Max looks terrific, doesn’t she? The purple v-neck Massimo Dutti is so flattering to her. I’ve decided that Max should allow herself a few more simple silhouettes, particularly in the daytime. Zhuzz it up in the evening and tone it down during the day. She won’t listen, you know!

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We really need to talk about Victoria and her recent penchant for plaid. More than talk, we need to vote. Victoria has not one, but two suits from By Malina. The brand was also responsible for her entry in last week’s Pattern Party.

First up, the royal duo visited the Swedish Performing Arts Association. This suit is blue/grey/brown and plaid all over.

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Next, Vick and Dan visited Gävle with their non-profit organization, Generation Pep (Gen-Pep), to observe activities that focus on children’s health. This By Malina suit has a coral base, which either gives it zing or makes it a bit too zhuzzy, depending on your point of view.

What is your plaid position?


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