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Hofdame Bits and Bobs

Were we just talking about Russian court dress last week? This isn’t exactly a court dress, but definitely influenced by it and utterly gorgeous. Ahhhh, thank you Lauren Deutsch. And with that, let’s push on to Bits.


Zara is in her element, the Spains keep working, and the Cambridges make some bagels, all here.


Look, a Sophster sighting! Looking good in her printed dress (no ID on the designer, alas). The Countess is the Patron of the Vision Foundation. She recently sat for a sculpture designed for vision impaired people. The sculptor is Frances Segelman (Lady Petchey). The entire event was live streamed, showing the British royals are marching to a new drum in these new days.

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Let’s do a throwdown Defense of the Dress right here. The Duchess of Cambridge wore this Beulah floral to bake some bagels last week. Beulah is now defunct, closing under somewhat of a cloud. However, let’s focus on whether we like this particular dress – I personally am somewhat undecided. The white bands around the forearms seem rather rugby-esque for a feminine floral.

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Yea or Nay on Kate's Beulah Floral


Prince Joachim is recovering, and looking good, to the great relief of all.

The next two entries are a bit of much-needed Classic Princessing in black and white. First up, Bene makes the cozy cardi look elegant. How does she do it?

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I morgen er det den internationale Alzheimerdag, og i den anledning overrakte H.K.H. Prinsesse Benedikte i fredags Alzheimerforeningens Forskerpris til neuropsykolog, lektor og Ph.D. Asmus Vogel og lektor og Ph.D Karla Kristine Freude.⁣ ⁣ Hendes Kongelige Højhed er protektor for Alzheimerforeningen, der hvert år markerer ⁣ den internationale Alzheimerdag ved at uddele to priser til danske forskere, som har ydet en særlig indsats inden for Alzheimers sygdom og andre demenssygdomme. Med prisen følger 300.000 kroner. Alzheimer-forskningsfonden blev stiftet i 1996 og har til formål at støtte forskning i demenssygdomme.⁣ ⁣ Prinsessen overrakte desuden Alzheimer-Forskningsfonden årlige uddeling til syv forskningsprojekter på i alt 1,8 millioner kroner.⁣ ⁣ 📸 Alzheimerforeningen ©️

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I struggled to come up with a word to describe my spirit animal Margriet. I’ll leave it all up to you.

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⁣Prinses Margriet opent het nieuwe gebouw van Stichting Maaszicht in Rotterdam. De nieuwe locatie biedt 39 beschermde woonplekken voor jongeren van 17 tot 23 jaar. In het nieuwe pand hebben jongeren een eigen kamer en badkamer. Daarnaast zijn er gemeenschappelijke voorzieningen zoals een woonkamer, een centrale keuken en een tuin.⠀ ⠀ Bij Maaszicht krijgen jongeren met complexe problemen de gelegenheid zich persoonlijk en maatschappelijk te ontwikkelen. Stichting Maaszicht creëert een thuisbasis en biedt dagelijkse structuur en veiligheid.⠀ ⠀ Prinses Margriet krijgt een rondleiding door het gebouw en spreekt bewoners en hun mentor over de nieuwe locatie en de zorg en begeleiding die Stichting Maaszicht biedt. Prinses Margriet is lid van het Comité van Aanbeveling van Stichting Vrienden Maaszicht.⠀ ⠀ #opening #stichting #maaszicht #prinsesmargriet #beschermdwonen #stichtingmaaszicht #rotterdam @gemeenterotterdam 📸Patrick van Katwijk

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Margriet is...


Victoria and Daniel got their culture on at the Philharmonic. Victoria graced us with some ruffles, a ponytail, and a print, so all is well with the world. I am not being in the least sarcastic: she looks great.

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Sofia – who I have missed quite a bit – attended a Project Playground fundraiser in Max Mara. To her credit, she has really been totally committed to that patronage and uplifts that rather dull design altogether.


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