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Hofdame Bits and Bobs

We’re just going to jump in, ok?


Summertime is cousin time in the British Royal Family. It’s true generation after generation and the Tindall/Phillips clan keeps it going.

As do Charles, David Linley, and the Chattos.

Can we take a moment to admire the sartorial efforts of Miss Mia Tindall and her snazzy shoes?


Check out Hisako’s hat!

Rania’s 49th birthday is August 31st, which stunned me. She has been working away all summer, wearing a series of crisp poplin shirts that I find super flattering for her. Wearing white in the brilliant Jordanian sun always wins.

Speaking of brilliant, stylish white clothes, Her Majesty Olori Silekunola Moronke Ogunwusi, Yeyeluwa Oodua and queen consort of Ife-Ife Kingdom was gorgeous in white here.

Here is a potential job for an enterprising Baggers: Run Buckingham Palace, and perhaps encounter the Queen herself on occasion. One of our London based Baggers will have to tell us if one can survive in London on 50K a year – although I suppose your housing would be provided.

This and That

Then again you may not want the housing at Buck House. The next link comes with a trigger warning, and I am being serious, not facetious. The History Channel has an entry on the history of royal palaces focusing on the Middle Ages. Do not click on the link and read if you can’t tolerate descriptions of squalor and bodily functions, because there are detailed descriptions of both. If you are strong of stomach and mind, you will find the descriptions of how large numbers of people in the royal courts lived together, day to day. It’s not pretty, but it’s fascinating and, if you are like me, it will make you very glad to live in the 21st century. H/T to our geogirl, for bringing this to our attention.

The fabulous “An Historian About Town” recommends a some fashion and fashion/royal books. I have added several to my own list.

Are you a Marvel fan? Samuel L. Jackson has been on a voyage of discovery in the Kingdom of Gabon, and I am so very touched by his posts. After learning about his ancestors in the PBS show “Finding Your Roots”, he decided to travel to both Gabon and Equatorial Guinea. Here he meets the King of Benga.

Auntie Astrid turned 87 years young last FEBRUARY (thanks Ween!). Lets all just appreciate what a treasure we have.

Speaking of birthdays, The Queen Mother of Bhutan, the mother of the current Bhutanese king Jigme Wangchuck, turned 60 in June. I feel that publishing her photo might create a stampede to the country in search of the fountain of youth.

Ok, what did I miss?