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Hofdame Bits and Bobs

We are staggering, wounded but still here, to the finish line of 2020. This holiday week we’ll gather together as much joy and sparkle as we can, and just revel in it. We deserve it. The world deserves it.

We’ll be posting here until Wednesday, with Christmas Eve and Day off. We’ll leave an Open Post for anyone who needs a break from their Zoom Christmases to come in and discuss some of the speeches. Off we go.


The Spaniards and the senior British royals have continued on a schedule of visits, and, for those of you who are like me and don’t mind double-breasted, King Philippe stepped out looking natty in a nice gray suit. See it all here.

Back in the Bag

Last year the extended Belgian royal family attended the yearly concert at the palace, and Elisabeth wore a velvet suit that really has to see the light of day (or night) again. Bonus Dutch and Monaco sightings in that post!


Empress Masako has also been making a round of duties, and she repeated this gold suit (last month, actually, but I missed it) which is a favorite of mine. It suits her coloring, right? Also, I may have just wanted to add a Japanese entry here because I miss the annual duck netting so much ; ).


It’s been relentlessly gray here, so let’s blast in with some color. What can I say? The Gyalsey is a man now, the baby is huge, and the women are beautiful. Reliable Bhutan, be still my heart.


We need to spend some time with Mary. She has a good message for us, and she’s delivering it with some vintage Mary style. In her role at the Mary Foundation, the Crown Princess delivered a speech about the need for community during a virtual lunch with members. She’s wearing a Søren Le Schmidt dress and the brooch from the Mary Foundation. For more information and links to photos, the Style of Mary post is here.

The Crown Prince and family send greetings from Amalienborg.

Wait, we *need* this, too ; ).


Advent (and Christmas) greetings from the Norwegians.


His parents accompanied Charles-the-not-so-tiny to take a gander at the tree and soak up the adulation.


Let’s end with this lovely poem, Adventsbön (An Advent prayer) written by Margareta Melin, read by Queen Silvia on the fourth Sunday of Advent. Thank you to JR, on Twitter, for this translation.

“We light the Advent candles one by one, a burning prayer for truth and justice. The first should shine deep inside me, preserve my heart and warm my mind. The second should shine for everyone I know, so that everyone gets a place to belong & can live as friends. The third should shine for all those who suffer, who struggle & who dream of happier times. The fourth should shine for the land & the forest, for the air & for the sea & our future on earth. We light the Advent candles one by one, a burning prayer for truth and justice.”

All four of the Swedish households have shown us their Advent wreath. Let us know which style you like the best (photo courtesy of our contributor Luise – thank you)!

Choose your style of Advent wreath


Thank you for joining us! We love your contributions! Just drop them in the comments all week long.