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Hofdame Bits and Bobs

Actual daily royaling has been a bit thin on the ground, what with world events and all. We will report what we can, and take a look back at some previous, more colorful, royaling days of yore. Onward, Baguettes!


William thanked NHS workers (which can’t be done enough), and King Juan Carlos turned 83. See it here.

Back in the Bag

Last year, Queen Letizia went brilliant blue for Pascua Militar. I must admit I miss the color this year, but it was cold in Madrid and she was right to cover up tight.


We’ll do the big event first. The 2021 Pascua Militar was pared back this year, and conducted in brilliant cold weather – -3 degrees celcius, or about 26 degrees Fahrenheit for the U.S. folks. Queen Letizia was bundled up in her Carolina Herrera wrap and wore a Maksu blouse. The entire family was seen heading off to celebrate the Epiphany with Letizia’s father in the afternoon.

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A lot of black, right? Here’s an array of color from previous years to lighten your mood.

Which color is your jam?


Pieter and Margriet celebrated 54 years of marriage, and it seems it has been wedded bliss because he posted this sweet tribute. Doesn’t Margriet look cute? (Note Google translate will give you an interesting translation, just a heads up).


It’s always good to get a glimpse of one of the Sparkle Sisters. Princess Mako was out to attend a ceremony commemorating Emperor Showa.


The Danish twins are ten, and when you are a prince or princess, that means you get a new monogram. The photos are Mary and Fred reincarnated and the monograms have a nice bold, modern approach. Maybe Fred’s talents lie in monograms and not wallpaper? You tell me.


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