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Hofdame Bits and Bobs

Maybe it’s because there’s been a bit of excitement in my neck of the woods, but it seems the royal world has been fairly dormant this month. Let’s liven it up as best as we can.


There is another edition of the Brady Bunch Royalty this week with several video calls, although King Philippe is fighting the good fight to give us a grand view of a palace interior. See all the video conferences and Philippe in the splendor of the Royal Palace here.

Back in the Bag

This time last year several royals busted out the Massimo Dutti. Don’t know about you, but I am just glad to look at full length photos of outfits, rather than the headshots we are used to these days.

Things to Look Forward To

Don’t we all need them as we slog through the end of January?

Shhhhh…..don’t tell my paying employer but I will be listening to this on February 10! Hope some of you can join me.

Our OC maaaay have put this on the Room Rater radar. Can we all lobby Room Rater to get the DNA room up next?


Thank the merciful heavens for Princess Charlene, always giving us something to talk about. The Grimaldis appeared on the cover of Point de Vue, which is not unusual since it’s their preferred print media. Charlene is wearing a Dior jumpsuit and necklace. The necklace is a Mise en Dior pearl resin, not an actual sea creature (which was my initial thought). The Royal Couturier has all the details on the ensemble. I am personally digging the mother/daughter hair action.

Point de Vue


A glimpse of Queen Letizia in black darting to a car is about as good as it gets in royal appearances these days, folks. She’s wearing a repeated COS ribbed dress, according to the Queen Letizia Style blog.

Embed from Getty Images


Camilla is not the only one promoting literature these days. Laurentien read “Coco Can Do It” on television for the 18th edition of The National Reading Days, which will take place this year from Wednesday 20 January to Saturday 30 January 2021. Thank you thank you for this brilliant red, Princess.


The Cambridges have spent quite a bit of time thanking healthcare workers, and all of it is deserved beyond belief. (The Duchess has been the royal patron of Nursing Now for three years, so her support is not a new development). I’ll make a sharp turn into the superficial and say that I really want to see more of this tailored effect on Kate, whatever brand it is she is wearing. Yes, the background is Sandringham, which is the office of the Cambridge duo during the second lockdown.


Happy birthday to Princess Athena. Queen Margrethe’s youngest grandchild is nine.

Faces in Boxes

Ok, here’s the weekly roundup of Faces-in-Boxes.

Max is giving Charlene a bit of run for the money in the signature necklace sweepstakes here ; ). It’s a leather number she first wore in Vietnam, in 2011.


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