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Hofdame Bits and Bobs

We’re busy picking up (virtual) glasses and cleaning out (virtual) ashtrays after the 1,000 post party last Friday. Let’s jump into some royals news to ease our celebration hangover.


Chuck and Cams have been a-working, Spanish royals continue their rounds, and the Belgians attended a memorial mass for the deceased members of their family. See photos here.

Back in the Bag

Two years ago here at the Bag, the Danes attended a memorial concert for Prince Henrik, who died in 2018. Mary wore her diamond flower brooch, which was a gift from her late father-in-law. A year ago, Max wore this hat and I would say it’s unforgettable, but I did forget about it.

It pre-dates our time here together, but it’s been five years since the best royal tea party ever.


Jack and Eug introduced the little bundle that is August Philip Hawke (I think we guessed the Philip part and that’s it).

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An official announcement was made by Buckingham Palace: the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will not be returning to royal duties, and will no longer hold their royal patronages or military appointments. That said, they are still titled, and still part of the family. We don’t cover their personal lives or the commercial aspects of their careers because it takes us too far afield, but will certainly feature them when they make appearances at family events.

Obviously discussion about this has the possibility of going sideways, so we ask everyone to discuss the business aspects of it only, which includes topics such as who is taking over the patronages.


Queen Letizia attended an exhibit at the National Library. She wore a new Massimo Dutti dress and her fabulous LODI ombre pumps. The Queen Letizia Style blog has some great photos without the jacket. It’s worth a look, particularly at the back with the keyhole opening.

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I swear Stephanie hasn’t stopped grinning since Charles was born. I don’t blame her, he looks like he a born cut up, telling his own jokes and laughing at them too. Styling boy’s sweater coordinates with his mother’s embellished Boden pullover.


The Bhutanese royals, including the Gyalsey, visited two citizens who had been injured in an accident last autumn. The King conveyed his personal support and commented on their bravery.


The Danes love to feature their rooms on Instagram, and I love to oogle them. These chandeliers are insane: insanely beautiful and probably insanely hard to dust, too.

The Venetian chandeliers in Knights Hall at Christiansborg.

The “Snow Crystal Chandelier” at Amalienborg. Hope it co-exists happily there with Fredi’s wallpaper!


Happy 84th birthday to Harald (born February 21, 1937)! Below is a photo from his 50th birthday celebrations. How many of the royals can you name? We’ll start you off.

Who do you see in the photo?


As always, your presence here is an honor! We’d love if you left your contributions about royal appearances in the comments all week long.