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Hofdame Bits and Bobs

This week in royal life can be summed up as “lots of pink” and “lots of healthcare facility virtual visits”, with some royal lady pants suits thrown in for fun. Let’s see what this is all about.


Tils and Phil are out making their rounds, the Spanish royals visit an art exhibit, and there’s a look back to a certain famous engagement photo shoot. See it all here.

Back in the Bag

Last year, we actually saw the Duchess of Cambridge from the waist down! She wore this snappy Eponine on a trip to the theater, which sounds SO early 2020.


Look, a series of photos of the Duchess from the waist up ; ). The olive blazer is Smythe and the white shirt is LK Bennett. I am personally trying a deep side part these days, just to change it up, and I appreciate the hair on the Duchess as a guide. AS IF mine could ever look as good ; ).

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The Countess of Wessex has been out among us, and she popped up here at a British design event. I wish we could see more of her ensemble, but we have to content ourselves with her intelligent gaze, instead. Good to see you Countess.

Ah, the Queen, the Queen. She appeared on screen to tell us all that the vaccine simply doesn’t hurt. Doing her part for public health while sporting the sentimental Six Petal Flower brooch!

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Mary put on her specs and a Sandro tweed jacket for an in-person visit to WHO. Mary does the royal lady pantsuit better than anyone and this is a worthy entry to her wardrobe.


I know that a sighting of Abdullah and Rania in family mode is going to perk everyone up. Rania is wearing a Bottega Veneta scarf and Stella McCartney dress, but it’s Abdullah in the turtleneck and Hussein in his camo who catch my eye. Oh, and shortly after this sunny photo was snapped, it apparently snowed buckets in Amman.


Look who popped up in some tie-dye! Victoria wore Stella McCartney sixties vibe for an online symposium on the Anarctic ecosysem.

The magazine QX readers have voted for the Crown Princess as one of the winners at this year’s “Gay Gala”, partly due to the speech the Crown Princess gave at last year’s inauguration of Stockholm Pride. She posed with her award wearing an H & M tulle gown in what I would call acid green. Your take on the color may differ!

This and That

I am not kidding you, I keep forgetting all these family connections. Does this make Phillipe and Henri second or third cousins? I’ll let folks sort it out in the comments.


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