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Hofdame Bits and Bobs

There are lots of Brady Bunch appearances this week, the Japanese royals make some surprising fashion choices, and we will visit one very spectacular jewel auction. Let’s hit it.


Camilla made a visit to a vaccination center and a very tall King Felipe visited an automotive seat factory – maybe they made him a custom super long seat? Everyone was plopped behind their computer screens, as usual. Everyone except for the hardest working Queen out there, Letizia. See it all here.

Back in the Bag

Last year King Harald and Queen Sonja visited Jordan; Rania wore a stunning gold and blue gown and Sonja sported dazzling white, which was set off with some lovely green gems.


There were some Commonwealth events afoot, even though the event is very different this year.

We need to talk about this sparkling event. The Mountbatten family – always super royal adjacent – has placed many of the family jewels up for auction at Sothebys. If you want some more detailed information, click here. Want to see the full array? Go to My personal favorites are below.

What will you bid on?


I’m thinking we should just do a full series on Mary in glasses. I have no ID on her clothing choices, but that red is stunning on her. Full view of her, with coat and shawl, over at New My Royals.


Here’s some zazz from Japan. We don’t usually talk about her (this is in fact her debut here), but Princess Tsuguko is the oldest daughter of Princess Hisako and the late Prince Norihito. She has inherited her mother’s sassy style, for sure. She recently attended the Youth Forum for the 14th UN Congress and I am mesmerized by the dashing feathers of her hat and the sparkle on her lapel.

Look! Mom was out, too. Princess Hisako attended a photo exhibition wearing a beret. She fetches up proper, right? Royal Hats has the skinny on the beret and Tsuguko’s feathered fancy.

Princess Kiko got into the zhuzz-it-up mood by adding a little pleating detail to the waistline of her dress. I am also digging that little brooch. If Avery comes around here this week maybe she can help us place it.


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