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Hofdame Bits and Bobs

Where are my flowers, darn it? A few daffodils are making their way above ground but I am pining for green around here. We’ll have to make do with some green in royal-watching, I suppose.


We have a welcome Mette-Marit sighting, and there are more photos of the Japanese New Year’s celebrations and the Spanish state visit to Andorra, all here.

Back in the Bag

Two years ago EVERYONE was on an official tour. Seems like a century ago!


And here’s my green! I knew I could count on colorful Tils. I only wish she had knocked that coat off her shoulders for at least one shot. Both coat and dress are Natan repeats, and the incredibly reliable Modekoningin Matilde has both the history of this ensemble and some better photos of it. I will say I am glad Mathilde chose the version without the diagonal dart across the bodice.

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The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall took a quick two days visit to Greece, to mark the 200th anniversary of the country’s 1821 revolution and war of independence. It was quite a celebration. Like everything the Brits do these days, some controversy swirled around the trip but I prefer to focus on the family and political ties the Prince shares with the country, “the profound ties” he mentioned in his speech. As for the Duchess, she looked well. The blue and gold evening gown harkens back to her wedding dress.

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A new photo of the Duchess of Cambridge was released to accompany her “Hold Still” project. I like it, but I tend to like my Kate more natural than gussied up. Meanwhile, the man married to the Duchess was named “Sexiest Bald Man Alive” by a poll using a Google tool, and don’t ask me why I find this both funny and very confusing!


For those of you pining for tiara news, here’s a tidbit from Prisma.


Look! Victoria matched herself exactly to the curtains and chair coverings, a feat that I am probably a little too entranced with for my own mental health. She was greeting the skaters to the World Figure Skating Championships to be held in Stockholm.

A lovely name and a lovely tribute from Carl Philip and Sofia.

The Netherlands

You really need to watch the video to its very charming end! It’s in service of the “More Music in the Classroom” initiative, of which Maxima is a patron.


We haven’t done this recently, so let’s end with a little Benedikte. Our modern Classic Princess was virtually participating in meetings for her beloved Girl Guides.


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