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Hofdame Bits and Bobs

It was a historic week in the royal world with the passing of Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh. Although not unexpected, it feels as if the world did change under our feet in one moment. The Duke was not only the loyal consort of the Queen and a public servant of great magnitude; but a man who embodied mid-century history. That era is quickly passing out of lived memory, and with it much is lost. If you missed our tribute post, there are some great photos and anecdotes in the comments that are worth a look.


Getty is dedicated to memories of the Duke of Edinburgh and his lifetime of service. There are some very touching images from near and far, which can be seen here.

Back in the Bag

Remember the halcyon, giddy days of 2019? Me either ; ). Here’s a taste of them, Daisy and Mary opening the Panda House at the Cophenhagen zoo.

Calling All Baguette Bookworms

Read a good royal book and just itching to talk about it? May is going to be Bookworm Month at the Bag. This is just a heads-up to get your thoughts in order. Of course, if you want to submit a full blown book review, we accept those too, at


The Palace has issued the following information about the Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral, and they have also advised it will be televised. Once we receive information on how to view it, we will post it either here in in Bits. We will also have an Open Post next Saturday for those who want to gather together and discuss.

Out of all the tribues for the Duke, Charles’ unscripted words here were the most resonant for me.

This was an interesting fact that relates back to our recent Romanov coverage. Follow Royal Arjan on Twitter for fascinating, well-vetted royal information.


I was so hoping that either Princess Benedikte or Princess Hisako would show up this week to lighten our coverage, and look who is promoting the Digital Japan Bowl. She never disappoints me sartorially, and particularly not here with her brooch and perfectly placed necklace. Someone save this photo for our turtleneck spam, please!

I have been trying, and failing, to make sense of Princess Mako’s marriage travails. I think there might be a bit of a culture gap at play here, so I’ll leave Prisma’s latest Tweet here for one of our Japanese experts to explain to the group. My short version is that the wedding is not happening soon.


I am very relieved that King Harald is recovered and returned to full time duties.


Happy birthday to Princess Ariane, the baby of the family who just turned 14. So time, when are you going to pause for us??? She wore a Maje Broderie Anglaise Mini Dress, a similar style (maybe the same dress, but I can’t confirm) that we have seen on her sisters.


King Felipe and Queen Letizia inaugurated an Innovation Center and presented supplier of the year awards. Some straightforward old-fashioned royaling there for you. The Queen wore a businesslike Bimba Y Lola suit with a double-breasted blazer and carried a Nina Ricci handbag (with it’s patented Nina-touch in the bag detailing under the flap.) Style of Letizia drills down to the details for those who want more.

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