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Hofdame Bits and Bobs

This week’s B&B has a lot of content from many places, so you might say it’s not so bitty but very bobby. For those who like a lot of meaty content, you are in for a treat. For those who think this post can drone on and on, you have been warned. Let’s “Lay on, McDuff”.


The Brits emerged in small doses during their mourning period, Prince Louis turned three (how does this happen?), the Danish Ladies went a-culturing, and some bright Koningsdag events broke through. See it all here.

A Bit of Humo(u)r

So help me, this is old, but I found it funny enough to repeat. And we need humor, coming off the past fourteen months.


The Princess Royal laid a wreath and attended the Anzac Day ceremony at Westminster Abbey. You’ll recognize the purple, which is neither mourning black or particularly fashionable. For some reason, it all works, because it is so of its wearer. She is a great representative for these types of events. Somber and all business, but her clothes say “royalty is here and needs to be seen.”

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I fell into a bit of a rabbit hole reading about this fascinating fabric, Dhaka muslin. I also think we might have found Sarah Burton’s inspiration for the white and gold dress the Duchess of Cambridge debuted in Malaysia. (Really a product of Pakistan!)

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Crown Princess Mary has been out and about in gray suit land. She sported this Alexander McQueen suit to attend the State of the World Population report, held by the Gerlev Sports Academy in Slagelse. Flappie alert, folks ; ). I know some of you will sigh over the “bank manager” aspect of this, but I personally would be wary of putting my money in any bank where the manager can afford McQueen. The link above takes you to the Style of Mary blog, where she breaks the outfit down and also has a post on another gray suit outing.

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This is just NICE. The Danish sisters had a museum outing together and again I just sit in awe at how these ladies have kept their figures and their relationship rolling for seventy years. Yes, those embroideries are Daisy’s own and it looks as if she kept her hands busy during lockdown. Thanks to Baguettes for pointing out that Royal Hats has close-ups in her post today, well worth a look.

Prince Christian’s confirmation is coming up, and he and his grandmother were preparing next week. Oh, Daisy, you beam so brightly at your grandson. I’m glad he makes you proud.


The Crown Princess inaugurated Stockholm Art week. Her jacquard dress from Acne Studios can be seen in full here. It’s a complicated dress and I’d have to see the whole thing in action to really determine if I like it. She wore a very Vickan-style crisp white suit for a video released earlier in the week, which I do like, very much. Check it out here.

I think we all know Princess Madeleine loves to share her family home with children, and she did so virtually last week. Min Stora Dag is lucky to have her as a patron.


Koningsdag 2021 is April 27th, but there were some pre-festivities afoot. The King and Queen rolled up to the festive start to the KingsDay games in Amersfoort. Maxima went totally Maxtastic in her Oscar de la Renta tapestry coat. She had a business meeting in Veenendaal after the games event. The coat of many colors came off and she moved on to the next thing wearing her repeated Claes Iversen suit.

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And a bonus sighting of one of our favorites.


Southward, the Queen of Spain has been all about the waist enhancing dress the last week. The King and Queen visited the Cervantes Institute in Alcala. Letizia wore a v-neck Massimo Dutti dress, tied at the waist, in a lets-just-face-it awesome color. The shoes I feel are worth the close-up.

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The entire family attended the launching ceremony of submarine S-81 Isaac Peral. The Princess of Asturias was in a Zara dress and an Adolfo Dominguez coat (Per our on-the-ground correspondent, Iselen, she borrowed from her mother the Queen). The Infanta continues to fascinate me sartorially. She chose a bold Sfera dress. Oh, and that tall fellow, the King, was there.

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