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Hofdame Bits and Bobs

Ta da! You’ve waited long enough, let’s just jump in.


The Queens were out. Queen Margrethe was receiving visitors from the U.S., and Queen Elizabeth announced a new initiative with Prince Charles. See it all here.

Back in the Bag

Two years ago was our most popular post of all time, the wedding of Lady Gabriella Windsor and Mr. Thomas Kingston. How I wish for another royal wedding. Theodora Greece postponed her wedding, although there has been no new date announced. Let us hold out some hope there.


The great 50th birthday celebrations continue. You can listen to the interview with Queen Maxima here. Even if you don’t understand a word, the tour of Huis ten Bosch is a visual treat. Closed captioning doesn’t seem to available, so if you have hints for viewing this in other languages, post them in the comments!

Princess Margriet opened a zoo, wearing some print royal lady trouser pants, which seems very on point.

Great Britain

The big news is that Princess Beatrice is adding to the Windsor baby boom. She and her husband are expecting a child in the autumn.

To honor nurses on International Nurses Day, the Earl and Countess of Wessex visited Frimley Park Hospital in Surrey. I am so happy to see them that I’ll keep my lip zipped about Sophie’s continuing love of extra fabric. It is a nice color for her. The dress is by ME & EM, and it’s a pleated knit number.

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The Duchess of Cambridge stepped out for the re-opening of the V & A (YES). The Alessandra Rich dress sort of pings autumn to me, but mercy she can pull off those lengths.

This isn’t new, but the Hofdames spent some time marveling over it nevertheless.The secrets of transforming the Fringe from a tiara to necklace are revealed.


Daisy looked crisp in her blues and whites while receiving US Secretary of State Antony Blinken at Amalienborg.


Henri and Maria Teresa attended a concert by Ivorian singer Dobet Gnahoré organized by the Philharmonie Luxembourg. There’s no intel on MT’s ensemble but she looked sleek and terrific.


The King and Queen of Tonga are setting an example for their countrymen and women, and have received their first dose of the Covid 19 vaccine.


Wow. The King and Queen attended the inauguration of the 41st edition of FITUR, an international tourism trade fair. Letizia leaned into the ruffles. Thanks to Iselen we now have information on the not-blouse yes-it-is-a-jumpsuit (thanks, Iselen). It is from Ines Domecq y Virginia Pozo, the “The IQ collection”

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Tiara Sighting

Woo hoo, we have tiara sighting, and it’s a pretty floral one. Prince Ruth of Tooro (a Bantu kingdom within Uganda) married her boyfriend, Philip Anthony, in Dallas last weekend. We cast a wide tiara net around here!


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