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Hofdame Bits and Bobs

For those of us in the northern hemisphere, let us revel in mid-summer, which I feel should be a national celebration everywhere. It’s a beautiful, naturally occurring holiday, and we should all take our cues from the Scandinavians who celebrate it well. We’ll take a peek at them below.


The Prince of Wales has been working non-stop, the King of the Netherlands attended Veteran’s Day commemorations, Prince William launched Earthshot, and oh so much more. See it all here.

Back in the Bag

Two years ago at the Bag, Luxembourg’s National Day featured a dramatic coat from Maria Teresa and a made-over gown worn by Princess Alexandra – one which received mixed reviews. Re-visit it here.


I feel that summer is very short in Denmark, so the royals come out fully-floraled to make the most of it. There was some Classic Princessing and Queening going at Graasten Castle, where Daisy, Bene, and Anne-Marie are currently vacationing. I suspect that the phones are being passed around and many photos of grandkids are being viewed.

Speaking of Daisy, she has been paying visits to the country on the Royal Yacht Dannebrog, as one does. She made herself very visible in pink as she arrived at Soenderborg Harbo. The helpful mayor of the city retrieved her dropped bouquet while they battled the wind.

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The Classic Princess Bene put away the florals for this visit. She wore a wall of orange, to great effect I think. She represented the Nielsen Foundation in memory of Queen Ingrid and awarded grants to worthy organizations.

You can never get enough Benedikte, right? The Classic Princess was back to the florals – appropriately – for a visit to a botanical garden.


The King and Queen released a photo of themselves looking healthy and rested on their mid-summer vacation. I am enjoying the royal lady trouser pant on Queen Silvia here. If you look closely, you can detect a faint pattern in the blue.


Princess Margriet showed up in a zazzy print and a zazzy attitude to help out at the celebrations at the Onky Donky House of the Onky Donky Foundation in Rhenen. The organization supports children, and I like to think they flock there just to say “Onky Donky” over and over again.

Maxima! She popped up in what is not frankly my favorite color, for her or anyone, but she is wearing my favorite hat silhouette. She attended the 75th anniversary of the Eye Film Association, wearing a Zimmermann dress.

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As we have noted, Queen Sofia is a constant supporter of local music. Here she is pictured at the World Heritage Cities of Spain concert (NOT the only concert she attended last week, btw). She is wearing an outfit that definitely makes an impact and can be seen from a distance!

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Let’s take a look at Queen Letizia wearing something that would make me look like a literal wall. She attended a meeting of the Student Residence Foundation, wearing a shirt by Psophia.

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Do you like your Letizia a bit sleeker? We’ll end with a photo of her wearing Hugo Boss while presenting Medals of Merit at the Palacio de El Pardo. Also, good morning, King Felipe!

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