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Hofdame Bits and Bobs

The “Road Less Traveled” wedding gown poll ended yesterday, and for those who had other things to do this weekend and weren’t checking it obsessively (all of you ; ), the winner was Princess Ingrid of Sweden, later Princess/Queen Consort of Denmark. The minimal Scandinavian style has proven popular among Baguettes, whether it be from the 1930s or 2000s.

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Meanwhile, the heat has been oppressive around here. I wish I were on vacation like most of these royals. Let’s shake off our languor and see what news we can find, royal-wise.


If you enjoy photos of handsome people sailing, Getty has you covered this week. King Felipe and some of his friends competed in the 39th Copa Del Rey Mapfre Sailing Cup (King’s Cup).

Back in the Bag

Speaking of regattas, two years ago the Cambridge family participated in their country’s own version of the King’s Cup.


The Duchess of Gloucester attended the Founder’s Day Parade at Royal Hospital Chelsea, wearing her typical beanie hat. Are those pearls or just big beads around her neck? You tell me.

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The art deco bracelet that Princess Margaret wore in her nineteenth birthday portrait is up for auction. The Baguette who buys it should leave us a hint in the comments ; ).

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Do you want to see a butterfly? I do.

The Duchess of Sussex celebrated her fortieth birthday (hope you had a good one, Duchess!) and launched an initiative to inspire female mentorship. Cameos by celebrities and certain family members included ; ).


Queen Daisy stepped out smartly in blue and white, visiting Askov Folk High School and then Skibelund Krat in Vejen Municipality. Google translate tells me that the visits took place in connection with the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Reunification in 2020, where the celebration was postponed to this year due to COVID-19. ⁣

Some day I’ll go to Tivoli, a place that has enchanted me since I read about it in a Bobbsey Twins book back in 1970. I might even bump into Joachim and Marie. Heaven and her team have tentatively identified the dress as from Goa Paris.


Way back in 1964, Tokyo hosted the Olympic Games and then-Princess Beatrix attended with her father, Prince Bernhard. Beatrix is shown congratulating 17-year-old swimmer Ada Kok on her silver medal. In the second photo, Princess Beatrix visited the Olympic Village, greeting judo competitor Anton Geesink.⁣ ⁣I am in awe of that hat, Trixie.


For those who follow the winding path of the deposed French royals, here is some birth news for you.

Around here, we rather shallowly remember them as the family who commissioned this tiara from Chaumet.

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Charlotte Casiraghi – who is a celebrity representative for Chanel – posted a video supporting reading on their website. The jacket is of course Chanel, done up casually in cotton for those who like their Chanel on the sporty side.


The Spanish royals have continued their yearly public/private vacation on Mallorca, and it’s featured both some great summer fashion and great summer braiding. For a dinner out, the Queen wore a black Uterque. The Infanta and Princess are in Mango and Zara, respectively.

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The Infanta is in Zara here and the Queen in Maria de la Orden.

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Come up on the porch, pull up the rocker, and we’ll sit together sipping green tea and dishing about the royals. We’re all here all week, so leave your contributions in the comments.