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Hofdame Bits and Bobs

There is not a lot of good news in the outside world, so let’s just pull our chairs closer to the campfire and share some royal chat, shall we?


The Changing of the Guard has returned to Buck House, Prince Carl Philip has been racing, and King Felipe visited with Afghan refugees All here .

Back in the Bag

This definitely falls into the “time flies” category. Princess Ingrid Alexandra’s confirmation was two years ago. Lots of details on bunads found in our post.


Summer is slipping away here in the U.S. Our Labor Day holiday is next week, and The Bag will be closed on Monday and Tuesday of next week so that Hofdames and U.S.-based Baguettes can regroup for autumn. The next Bits will be Wednesday, September 8th. We’ve packed this week’s Bits as tightly as possible to tide you over.

Oh, and also we have been mentioned on Blog Overview, which is a lot of fun for us. Thanks you all for putting us on the map!


Let’s start with one of our Classic Princesses, doing what she does best. The ever-elegant princess attended a tribute concert in the DR Concert Hall for Bent Fabricius-Bjerre. The composer behind well-known musical works such as “Olsen Banden”, “Matador”, “Blinkende Lygter” and “Jukebox passed away last year.

Her sister, the Queen, held her own sartorially last week. Queen Margrethe was among the guests at a festive service on the occasion of Peter Birch’s inauguration as the new bishop of Elsinore Diocese. The ceremony was delayed for over a year due to Covid regulations. I think Daisy shines in saturated colors and that’s a take on her beanie hats that is very flattering.

Speaking of Daisy, she’s been busy. Here she is, accepting an excellent curtsy at the opening of the Aarhus Festival. She is wearing one of my favorite of her evening dresses. I think I really like my Classic Royals in blue and white.

Crown Princess Mary has a full calendar at summer’s ends, too. She opened Lolland International School, Denmark’s first international primary school. Classes will be taught primarily in English, and the school caters to children from expatriate and immigrant families. The Crown Princess’s dress is by Morten Ussing.


Last week Crown Princess Victoria attended the Roul Wallenberg Prize Ceremony. This printed explosion by Rodebjer is called the Dizzy Dress. I actually quite like it, but I beg of her: Just don’t wear it while visiting Crown Prince Fred in his dizzy room, please.

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Queen Silvia attended a gala concert to mark the 40th anniversary of the Anders Wall Foundation. Her evening suit sits in that perfect balance between late summer and early autumn for me.


We talked a lot about the twentieth anniversary of the Crown Prince and Princess last week, but the Norwegian royals had another anniversary in the family. The King and Queen marked fifty-three years of marriage on August 29. I feel like we don’t talk enough about Sonja’s style here, and maybe a retrospective on her “dress from the High Street” is due soon. The gown was designed and produced by Molstad, a very well-known Norwegian brand. It is stunning in its sixties simplicity and fits like a dream.


Princess Laurentien’s daughter (Countess Eloise van Oranje) opened her own pop-up exhibition called “Layered” (More on the exhibit here. Warning: the English translation is interesting, and you should take the extent of the cousin rivalry with a grain of salt). The Countess has a strong Instagram presence, promoting, among other things, fashion re-use. That’s a trend I think we will see a lot of in the future.

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Let’s vacation with the royals, and take a peek at a very popular baby. The whole fam damily was together for a vacation and everyone sported tans and big smiles. Of course, Charles-the-tiny (or not-so-tiny, we really need a new name for him) was the star attraction.

What should Charles the Tiny's new nickname be?
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There are always new royals to discover, I find. In Nigeria, Prince Tsola Emiko was crowned Ogiame Atuwatse 111, the 21st king or the Olu of Warri kingdom. It’s an impressive crown on one very happy, and reportedly progressive, new prince. It’s said that his coronation has sparked new interest and support for royalty among the younger generation of Nigerians.

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If you have the royal scoop, please share it here! We’ll be here all week long.