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Hofdame Bits and Bobs

So much happening it’s almost like 2019 all over again! Let’s jump in.


Lots of wedding photos from the Ogilvy/Vesterberg nuptials, Prince William returns from vacation, and Queen Letizia wears a starry starry night dress. All here.

Back in the Bag

We aren’t going very far back today, just to last week’s Bits comments. If you missed the discussion, started by geogirl, about Charlie Watts (yes, the Rolling Stone), head back to read it. There are some interesting Bits in there about the Duke of Windsor’s wardrobe that you will want to know for your next cocktail party conversation starter. Fun and fascinating stuff.


The Queen visited the MoMu Fashion Museum (ModeMuseum) in Antwerp to discuss the challenges the fashion industry has faced during the pandemic. The ensemble is Dries van Noten, and we can safely say our colorful Tils continues on.

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Crown Princess Victoria was a busy bee last week. In addition to the German state visit, she met up with her aunt, Princess Christina. Auntie presented the Princess with the 2021 award. Doesn’t Christina look terrific? No word on who designed her clothes, but Victoria’s dress has been identified as by the brand Valerie.

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The Crown Princess also attended the annual conference of the European Society of International Law, wearing her distinctive By Malina dress.

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As a long-time royal watcher, I am always charmed when an unusual royal pairing appears. The Countess of Wessex and Princess Anne appeared at the Westmorland County Show, and brought their British charm offensive with them. The two spoke with various representatives of charitable organizations, and Anne headed straight to the horses to have a chat. Sophie had a close encounter with a prize Hereford bull, and showed her true mettle by not even batting an eye.

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Proving that she is comfortable pretty much everywhere, Sophie visited RAF Wittering where she watched teams compete in the Countess of Wessex Cup. The camo suits her, doesn’t it?

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Daisy cut a bold figure at the premiere of the film ‘Margrete den første’ (Margrete the First). No word on what the Queen thought of the portrayal of her ancestor, but the actors were sure delighted to see the current Margrethe.

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Princess Oma Beatrix attended the unveiling of the Peace & Reconciliation stained glass window, depicting the bombing of the cities of Rotterdam, Coventry and Dresden. Both the woman and the window are stunning. Also, cake hat sighting.

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We’ve talked about the starry night carpet that’s occasionally rolled out in the Royal Palace Amsterdam, but there is a new carpet installation to dazzle you. As part of the “Trailblazers” event, the artist Suzan Drummen designed and built an “intricately bejeweled carpet of kaleidoscopic patterns and color on the floor of a regal salon”. You really have to see the photos to comprehend what a project it was. There are also some shots of Princess Beatrix and King Willem-Alexander admiring the work.


Christie’s is having an auction on November 9th, and there are two bracelets – both covered with a hundred diamonds – that were the property of Queen Marie Antoinette on the block. Let us know which one of you bids and wins one of the beauties. Thanks!

Royal Runs

There were running events in Denmark and Belgium with royal participation. We all know Fred is a physical fitness fanatic, and his Royal Run resumed after a two-year hiatus – the whole family, sans Christian, joined in. Less well-known is Tils and her penchant for run-walks, which she showed us this weekend. For the U.S. folks, 20K is almost 13 miles, which is no small feat. They are inspiring me to lace up my tennis shoes – or at least get up off the couch with vigor ; ).

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What news do you have of the Royal World? Let us know. Bits are open all week.