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Hofdame Bits and Bobs

Last week was glittery around here, and boy did we all need it. The good news this week is that the royals are back on full working calendars, so lots to talk about. The bad news is that there are no movie premieres or weddings scheduled (although we do have a Greek marriage ceremony to look forward to later this month). For the time being, we will make do!


Queen Elizabeth opened the Scottish parliament, Princess Beatrix opened a windmill, and Prince William commemorated the 40th anniversary of The Passage, a charity he first visited with his mother in 1993. See it all here.

Back in the Bag

When the Danes opened up parliament in 2019, Mary wore her bedazzled Claes Iversen coat. We really need to see it again.


Speaking of Mary, she has been very busy. The Crown Princess Mary paid a two-day visit to Vilnius to mark 100 years of diplomatic relations between Denmark and Lithuania. The white dress is by Mark Kenly Domino Tan, and it’s a worthy addition to a Poppins Princess wardrobe. Brooch lover alert, note the modern Ole Lynggaard piece. She paired it with her Ole Lynggaard earrings. On day two the Princess wore her Dolce & Gabbana Red Contrast-stitch Cady Dress, which made her immediately visible in the crowd.


Colorful Tils, in a bold Natan, attended a presentation of the “The Pan-European Mental Health Coalition” by the World Health Organization. See Modekoningin Mathilde for more details.

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All the aunties here can start sniffing because another one of the chicks is heading on an academic adventure. The Duchess of Brabant is off to study at Oxford. Hard to keep track of our Queens-in-Training these days. Sleeveless vest alert, for those who keep track of such things!


Princess Laurentien made one of her visually eye-popping appearances, attending the opening of the European School. She is wearing a repeat of her Etro Rosolite Paisley Print dress.

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The Crown Princely couple has been on a tour of the country, and it’s been all Norwegian low-key and Norwegian accessibility.

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Meanwhile, his big sister, Princess Martha Louise celebrated her 50th birthday with some friends.


If you missed it, we covered last Friday’s Russian royal wedding in a separate post. The bride’s silk mikado ceremony dress was by Acra & Elina Samarina. Inspired by Tsarina Alexandra’s gown, the embroidery on the veil featured the royal coat of arms, and all the work was done by hand in Russian by local artisans. It required about 5 months of effort. Her evening gown, embellished with crystals and pearls, was by Reem Acra. In the video below, she talks with a friend about the process. It’s in Italian but you’ll enjoy her enthusiasm, I believe! Couture and Royals has been on top of all the coverage.


This was very royal adjacent, but since we are on a wedding buzz, we will dive in. Countess Tatjana von Waldburg celebrated her nuptials to Philipp Eisl in a religious ceremony on October 2, having had the civil ceremony in June. The dress was reminiscent of Queen Maxima’s Dior, having a relatively unadorned bodice and skirt with a stand-up collar. Max and Wax were actually guests at the reception, and we had a rare glimpse of Princess Angela of Liechtenstein with the wedding guests. You can see photos of Max and Wax in guest gear at Modekoningin Maxima. Thank you to Netty Royal and the Queen Mathilde blog on Twitter.


Last but never ever least, Queen Elizabeth opened the Scottish Parliament with Princess Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall in support. There was a kilt for Charles and thistle brooches on both women. The Queen wore the substantial piece from Queen Mary and the Duchess wore the Queen Mother’s Diamond Thistle.

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