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Hofdame Bitty Bits and Bobs

Hello, Baguettes! The Handbag is on vacation today – and was for the latter part of last week, too – so Bits and Bobs is bitty today. We know you are more than up to the task of providing some Bits for your fellow Baguettes, so we are turning it over to you all. We have a few things to start you off though!


Since we are putting this link out there early in the week, it’s a mystery what you will find when you click it!

Back in the Bag

A year ago we challenged Baguettes to “Make it Modern – the Brooch” and you all went nuts.


Look, a new royal to talk about! One who does some interesting work, too. Princess Delphine, the newly acknowledged daughter of King Albert, designed the paint job for the Lamborghini pictured below. The driver, Esteban Muth, also posed with the princess during the press presentation. The Princess is an artist and her dress reflects the same design as the car.

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One of our Kings-in-Training, fifteen-year-old Prince Christian, is embarking on an adventure: a new boarding school. I think he looks just a little excited to gain a bit of independence from mom and dad.

Prince Joachim, Princess Marie, Prince Henrik, and Princess Athena attended a performance of “Jean de France”. Princess Marie wore a floaty floral by Ted Baker, and the kids wore big smiles.


Princess Madeleine continues her good work with Min Stora Dag (My Special Day). Yes, I long for the days of the total princess tea party too, but she has certainly brought brightness to children’s lives with all her events.

There was a Swedish family event afoot too. The youngest child of Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia, Prince Julian, was christened. Princess Sofia wore an Etro dress and a not-quite-a-hat by M.

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The Crown Princess wore a By Malia floral, while Princess Estelle went vintage in a hand-me-down from her mother and aunts closets.

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Princess Madeleine went tiered and floaty in a Zimmerman dress, while her daughters wore retro inspired summer dresses by Lily Rose.

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The Queen wore an Georg et Arend dress with a short jacket and a neckline I need to remember for a future Spam post.

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The Emperor and Empress attended a memorial service commemorating the 76th anniversary of the end of World War II. As always at the Japanese events, the flower display was both spectacular and appropriate.

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Lean over the fence and let’s chat about your favorite royals for a bit. We’ll be here all week!