Hofdame Hall of Fame – Crown Princess Victoria in the Evening

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We are mourning the last of the ROYGBIV posts, but we want to keep the audience participation generated by those posts alive while OC and her typing fingers take a break! Starting this Thursday and continuing as long as we can make it last, we are introducing the Hofdame Hall of Fame.

A hofdame will choose a royal and what they consider that royals best ensemble. We will indicate the category, which will be either day or evening. We will take into consideration the entire look, which includes accessories – which means tiaras, too, if applicable.

We understand that our commenters may feel very differently, and may even completely disagree with our choice. We invite you please post your own nomination for that royal’s best look in the comments. The top two ensembles will appear in the Hofdame Hall of Fame; one from us, one from the crowd.

We are starting off easy. The royal of the week is Crown Princess Victoria, and the category is evening. The Hofdame Choice is …. Big Red.

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The huge gown, designed by Pär Engsheden (her wedding dress designer) has simply become iconic. The entire ensemble worn at the 2014 Nobel ceremonies was icing on the cake – the Baden, the diamond cross from the family vaults, and the hair embellishment up the iconic ante.

Runners Up

Our runners up are all about the beige. The couture design by Fadi El Khoury, which she wore to her sister’s 2013 wedding, was simply sweeping and romantic. The one shoulder Elie Saab sparkler worn to her own pre-wedding festivities was perfect for the occasion. But in the end, color won us over.

What is your nomination for Crown Princess Victoria’s Hall of Fame, Evening, entry? Post your favorite evening look from Victoria in the comments. The ensemble with the most mentions (or likes) will make it into the Hofdame Hall of Fame as the Community Choice.

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