Hall of Fame – Duchess of Cornwall, Evening

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Elizabeth’s Thesis

I was surprised, when I came to search, how many beautiful appearances Camilla has made. Her tiara events in white/off-white gown, with Greville tiara and pearl choker are nice enough, but a bit yawn-worthy. I’m sure she views these as business uniform, but still… Where she really shines is at black tie events, where she is much more adventurous with colours, and varies the jewels.

Second Runner Up

My second runner up would be her appearance at the 200th anniversary celebration of the Battle of Waterloo. She wore a beautiful shade of blue that really looks good on her and was very flattering, but I must admit it was the sheer wattage of diamonds that slid this ensemble ahead of some other lovely gowns! Clock the rocks round her neck!

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First Runner Up

Runner-up, after much discussion amongst myself, because, well this was an off-white frock, was her appearance during the American State Visit on 4 June 2019, when the Waleses entertained the Trumps. Camilla’s dress was just delightful, with an embroidered voile (tulle?) over-layer that really lightened the look. The blush undertone really suited her, and again, she wore a different, diamond necklace. Go Cams!

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Hall of Fame Winner

My Hall of Fame Winner is the stunning midnight blue gown with silver pinstripes, flared skirt and heart-shaped neckline that she wore to the celebrations of Prince Charles’ 70th birthday on 14 Nov 2018, and again, with identical styling, on 7 Apr 2019 at the Olivier Awards. The flare and sparkle of the gown are just wonderful on her. And I love that diamond necklace!

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Which of these fabulous gowns should go into the Hall of Fame?