Hofdame Hall of Fame – Princess Madeleine Evening

For this entry in the Hofdame Hall of Fame, we are returning to one of our contemporary princesses. Princess Madeleine of Sweden is well known as one who prefers to dress on the very feminine and frilly end of the spectrum. No minimalism in evening dress or jewelry for her, and that makes this Hall of Fame entry fabulous fun.

Second Runner-Up

The Amethyst tiara is not an easy tiara to wear, and hair-down tiara appearances are also tricky. That what makes our second runner up appearance so special. At the 2012 Nobel Ceremony Madeleine rewore an Angel Sanchez gown (first worn at Victoria’s pre-wedding celebrations), and paired it with the amethysts from the Swedish vault. As spectacular as the tiara is, the earrings give it a run for the money in the sparkle sweepstakes, and the entire effect makes it our second runner-up.

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First Runner-Up

Can a royal wear two tiaras at once in the modern age? Yes, as Madeleine demonstrated at the 2016 Nobel Kings Dinner. The blush sequined Valentino is a lovely feminine gown, but it’s the combination of the Modern Fringe on her head and the Connaught as a necklace that brings this effort into Hall of Fame territory.

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Our LiL describes this as the greatest evening look in royal history, but the outing that took this blue/gray Fadi El Khoury gown  into Hall of Fame territory was not its appearance at the 2015 Nobel Ceremony. The best royal tea party ever was held in February 2016, and Maddie did it up right for Min Stora Dag by wearing the Aquamarine Tiara, earrings, and, of course, the sparkly gown. The gown and tiara combination is also featured in one of her official photographs.

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What ensemble do you think belongs in the Hall of Fame?