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Hofdame Hall of Fame – Queen Ingrid Evening

Welcome back to the Hofdame Hall of Fame, historical division. Let’s look back at the beautiful Queen Ingrid, mother of the current Queen of Denmark and aunt of the current King of Sweden. Born a princess of Sweden, the daughter of a British royal, and married to the King of Denmark, the Queen was thoroughly royal every minute of her life. By all accounts, she was a warm and charming person. Looking through photos, she was also a fantastically stylish woman.

Second Runner Up

During the 1920s and early 1930s, Princess Ingrid was considered a highly desirable match, and it’s easy to understand why. Look at the young Ingrid in her glamorous single years. It might be that with her slim figure, she wore the fashions of the twenties and thirties with particular elegance. Then again, it might just be the enormous feathered fan that made this look earn a second runner up in our estimation. It’s no wonder Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark was smitten.

First Runner Up

Between 1935 and 1947, Ingrid was the Crown Princess of Denmark. The 1930s silk gown with slim straps flattered her immensely. She paired it with the Danish Pearl Poire tiara and a three strand pearl necklace. Extra points for her deployment of a brooch at the neckline and strap insertion. This entire ensemble is our first runner-up.


Ingrid became Queen Consort of Denmark in 1947, and her stylish ways continued. So much so, it was hard to pick a winner from her outings, but the gold Holger Blom gown finally won out. The color, the soft draping, and the overall flattering effect just won us over. It appears to be gown that would work on many figures – in fact, our LiL has a popular Photoshop of Mary wearing the gown. It’s unfortunate we don’t a color photo of Ingrid in the gown, but we do have her escorting Queen Ena while wearing the ruby parure, shown below, a charming substition.

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