Hofdame Hall of Fame – Queen Margrethe Evening Division

The Community has spoken, and the results are here.

Today we are tackling our most difficult Hall of Fame task to date, deciding which of the many and varied Queen Margrethe ballgowns is worthy of the Hofdame Hall of Fame. We suspect a long discussion with the community will ensue over this one. After much back and forth, and inspection of images on Getty, the Hofdames finally narrowed our favorites to three gowns.

The Hall of Fame winner is the green satin ballgown worn first to Crown Princess Victoria’s wedding. This gown is peak Daisy: BIG, colorful, dignified and eye-catching all at once. We decided on this over her many heavily brocaded and fur-trimmed gowns because, although it is grand, she can obviously move in it. A Queen is not all about posing, she must be able to dance and have fun, too! This is both beautiful and practical. It supports the major jewels, too.

Embed from Getty Images

It was hard, but we winnowed the field down to two runners up. Another wedding entry is our first runner-up, this one from Frederick and Mary’s nuptials. This one is fabulous with and without the glorious pink evening coat.

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Finally, the second runner-up is classic Daisy; classic Balmain. Simply beautiful.

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