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Hofdames Bits and Bobs

Hallo all hofdames – not a mispelling there, just my humble way of greeting you in Dutch. We’re continental around these parts. That said, this is a quintessential U.S. centric week, since we are celebrating our Thanksgiving holiday on Thursday and Friday. The hofdames are off, but we will have our guest contributor Iselen’s Designer Diary on Thursday for those of you who check in, and a special guest contributor for Friday with a very interesting Pocket Profile. Please pop in!


More behind-the-scenes in the Crown, Philippe visits Belgium’s smallest prison, and Mary of Denmark shows off her shiny hair while doing good works. See it all here.

Back in the Bag

Let’s dig back in the Bag to last year, when Camilla visited New Zealand and looked like a million bucks.


73 years and going strong. Get it, lovebirds.

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There were SO MANY royal video conferences this week. We’ll only highlight a few. There is some smooth Classic Princessing going on in the Netherlands, albeit in service of yet another cancelled event. Princess Margriet and Pieter van Vollenhoven normally open the annual Peter Stuyvesant Ball in New York with a first dance. They do leave us with an assurance:

“We will continue to practice our dance steps so that we are ready for next year!”


Father and son, wearing the same clothes. Hopefully Auntie Caroline has slipped Jacques the name of Ranier’s tailor.

He’s not the only twin who emulates dad, though.


This isn’t remotely current, but the hofdames thought you might want to harken back to happier times and prettier clothes. This looks like it’s taken onboard the royal yacht Norge. Both Queen Sonja and King Harald are in quarantine currently due to contact with an infected staffer. Strong health vibes headed to the Norwegian court from the hofdames.

How many royal yachts are in active service in Europe?


Victoria gave the introductory speech at a Unicef webinar, during which the report “A future for the children of the world?” was presented. I love the coordination between her Charlotte Bonde earrings and Andiata blouse.


Felipe and Letizia presented Vicente Valles the ‘Francisco Cerecedo’ Journalism award at the 2020 ceremony at the El Prado Museum. Letizia is repeating one of my favorite Armani dresses, which she previously wore at the 2018 Princess of Asturias Awards concert.

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