It’s coming up to our two week end-of-year break for the holiday season. Some of our community will be celebrating with us and some will not, but we want to continue our peaceful, drama-free atmosphere here for all. There will be some quick hit posts every day, and some Open Posts for certain events. Please check in when you can!

Our normal commenting policy will be in effect, which means comments should remain royal-related. If you would like to engage with someone on a personal level, please email your address to If both parties are agreeable, we will be happy to facilitate the exchange of addresses.

We like to keep the comments focused primarily on the working royals, but at times private citizens do make official appearances with them. This occurs often during the holidays, when royal boyfriends, girlfriends, and just regular friends are in evidence. In those cases, comments on the fashion of the civilians are fine. We prefer to stay away from any type of other discussion about their personal choices or lives, though.

Thank you for visiting us throughout the break! We appreciate your involvement in this community. It’s been a great place to be all year and we are looking forward to 2020.

The Hofdames leave you with some wise counsel from The Duchess of Cornwall, the patron of The Silver Line UK.