The first half of this year was non-stop royal action after several slower years, wasn’t it? I am so glad we could all be together for the Coronation, not to mention the first tours of Princesses Amalia and Elisabeth and the wedding in Jordan. There are lots of milestones happening in the royal world.

I have a milestone of my own to announce. This is my last year of paid employment, so I will retire. Oddly enough, it’s made me busier in my personal life than ever. As for the Handbag, the Hofdames and I have agreed that starting Monday, we will be reducing how much we post until we close the Handbag permanently on December 31, 2023. Daily blogging has been incredibly rewarding in many ways, but it’s not an activity I can continue into retirement.

I know this is sad news for many (maybe all of us); however, let’s not despair over it! From June through December, we’ll still be popping up for any major events, including (but not limited to) Trooping the Colour and the upcoming wedding of the heir in Jordan. LuckeyGirl will definitely weigh in on the Nobel ceremonies in December, too.

Here and there, we’ll have some wrap-up posts, too, including some of LiL’s best Photoshops. Ensure you are subscribed to the blog to receive an email notification when we have a post.

We’ll pin this post and keep the comments open for a couple of weeks, so you all can post some of your favorite resources for royal news in the comments. I know I have a few that I will share.

After the last two weeks, including a wedding, three state visits, and a coronation, we are definitely fading away on a wave of royal goodwill. All the Hofdames need to take a bow for a job well done, and all of you do, too. We all worked together to create a beautiful community and it succeeded beyond our wildest dreams.

We appreciate you – so, so very much – and the incredible support we have received over these four-plus years!