Housekeeping and a Burning Question

For those of you who love the Housekeeping posts, today is your day ; ). You know who you are.

We are entering April, thank heavens. This month will be a Brit-focused month on the blog. We’ll get an early start on celebrating the ten year anniversary of the Wedding of the Decade, that of Catherine and William. There will be plenty of British fashion posts and chances for you all to chime in. Also, BIG HINT HERE, this month features the return of one of the Baguette favorite series, ROYGBIV. Not an early April Fools joke, either ; ).

That said, it’s Brit-focused, not all Britain all the time. There will still be plenty of other countries represented during the month. We remain your place for an inch deep and a mile wide coverage of all royals and royal-related topics, particularly in the Bits posts.

We are so happy to report that our guest posts are by far some of our more favorite posts among readers. Our stats soar whenever one pops up. Whether we are talking about royal rooms from Japan or lost jewels of the Netherlands, we get a huge spike in readership whenever we feature one of our community. So thank you, again, for all your support and keep your suggestions coming.

I know I’ve learned a lot of surprising things while writing for this blog, particularly in the last year when we have had to get creative.

What is the most surprising thing you've learned about royals since reading here?