Housekeeping and Gratitude!

Just a couple of notes before we go into the holiday season, which in North America is super crazy.

The last two weeks in December are going to be a vacation for the The Handbag, the writer, not the entire blog. I will be taking some rest and relaxation, although I may pop in on Christmas Day to pontificate about the British Royal Family at church. You know I won’t be able to help myself ; ). The other Hofdames have queued up some some fun retrospective posts for those weeks. We will also have some Open Posts for the community to post royal-related information.

Speaking of the community – at the Handbag, we consider our community an integral part of the team, and we understand this site would be nothing without the participation of every one of you. You aren’t just readers, you are substantial contributors to our collective royal knowledge. In addition, we are honored that we have several members who volunteer their time to guest author posts. We have added the link to the Guest Authors to the header, so their posts can be more easily found.

If you have authored a guest post and want me to edit your entry, please contact me at I would love to hear from you.

General Handbaggery is now also on the header. At that link, you can delve more deeply into the world we have all created here over the past year. Our vocabulary, our nicknames, the doodles and Lil’s Photoshops can all be found at that link.

Thanks, everyone!