Housekeeping: Calling all Handbaggers!

Summertime is right around the corner, and we all know what that means; Royals on Retreat. A long break for them, too long of a break for us. Especially when chatting about royals and their activities is what we do.

That’s where YOU come in!

There are a lot of royal exhibits going on around the world and we want to hear from you if you’ve been lucky enough to visit one! Leave us a brief(ish) note on our “Ideas and Submissions” form letting us know what you saw. You can include up to two photos** on the form, but please be aware that we’ll need to store copies of them here at The Handbag in order to use them.  We also need to know if you’d be willing to share your experience with us as a “Guest Reporter”.  (Don’t worry if you’re not comfortable writing up a report of your own. We can do a “as told to” post, where you can share all the highlights and your impressions of your visit, but we do all of the work!) Not all submissions can be chosen, but if we do choose yours we will contact you at the listed email address for more details.

So what say you, Handbaggers? Ready to chip in with your personal experiences and help us chase away those Summertime Blues?  

**Pictures aren’t totally necessary, but would be helpful. Please submit photos of the “royal item(s)” only. We’re not comfortable posting photos of “private citizens” on the blog, especially children of any age.