Housekeeping – Contact Us

The best laid plans often lead to the least desirable outcomes, right? We have found that using the Contact Us form was full of glitches, and that we were missing messages. So we have replaced it with our email address – You can find that address in the “Contact Us” section on the sidebar.

We find ourselves the lucky recipients of lots of messages. We are humbled by your overwhelmingly positive response to this blog. Since we are volunteer group, we regret that we might not be able to reply personally to every message. We read through them all and do consider your suggestions. Please keep your eyes peeled to see some of your contributions in future posts. Some of the links to articles that you have submitted will also show up in Bits and Bobs.

If you are interested in writing an entire guest post, please email us. We will follow up with those requests. In fact, we have a guest post coming up shortly that we know you will all be *very* interested in!

Finally, we have moved the Blogroll from the sidebar to the header, per a reader suggestion. Also, we have slowly started adding some official websites, also per a reader suggestion. Thank you, all, for your contributions, and for making this a better experience for all of us.