Housekeeping – Hall of Fame

You know we are all about community involvement here, and in that spirit, we are opening up the Hall of Fame posts to guest authors. Currently, our resident Spanish expert, Iselen, has two posts for Queen Letizia (daywear and formalwear) in our queue. I know everyone is looking forward to her insights – I can promise you some good background information on those posts.

If you would like to participate:es

  • You can remind yourself of the royals have already covered by visiting the Hofdame Hall of Fame page. We would like to focus on new royals when possible.
  • Determine which royal you would like to cover, and whether you want to focus on daywear or evening wear. Remember, you can chose a historical or contemporary royal.
  • Shout your choice out in the comments, or send us an email at
  • Submit three photos: two runners-up and your winner, with some text on the gowns and why you chose them. The Hofdames will format it into a post to run in the future. Send it to our email at

We are excited to see what the community provides! Thanks!

Here is our current list of guest authors. A huge thanks to everyone for lending their voice to our community!

  • Princess Beatrix, day and evening – Hofdame OrangeChia
  • Crown Princess Victoria, day – Hofdame LuckeyGirl
  • Queen Letizia, evening and day – Iselen
  • Duchess of Cornwall, day – Jane Maple
  • Duchess of Cornwall, evening – Elizabeth Davies
  • Queen Margrethe, day – msb
  • Queen Elizabeth I, Mary Tudor, Queen Maud – geogirl
  • Queen Sonja, Princesses Astrid and Ragnhild – Ween
  • (Former) Princess Alexandra of Denmark (Countess of Frederiksborg), evening – Mrs. Diamond
  • Princess Alexandra (Great Britain) – Jane Maple
  • Duchess of Cambridge, evening – Robin