Housekeeping – Welcome (And thank you, again. And again!)

We have had an uptick in readership, which we attribute to royal-seeking refugees from other outlets. Royal news is hard to come by these days. We understand and we are here for you at the Handbag!

We’ve also had email inquiries and questions posted on our other platforms from folks who are interested in the blog. We’ll address the major ones here.

  • How do I post photos? We use Disqus as our commenting platform. Disqus can be tricky, but posting photos is fairly simple if you know a few things. First, it appears that Chrome is a better browser for photos than IE or Firefox. Second, you can either upload photos from your hard drive, or drag and drop them.
Write your post. When you are ready to add a photo, look at the bottom of the dialog box and find the picture icon. Click it.
You can insert an image, or drag and drop it. Select the image. To insert, click open.
To drag and drop, simply drag the selected image to the dialog box.
When the image is positioned, click “Post as……”
  • How do I jump in with that first comment? Well, we are royal savvy in the sense that we have been talking about them for years. That said, our knowledge is hardly comprehensive. We learn new things from commenters every single day. Just post that comment. “Hello! I love this coat.” That works!
  • Big Red? Big Bird? Tils? Daisy? Who are these people? What everyone is talking about? We have a vocabulary page and a nickname page to get you familiar with some of the nicknames and shorthand.
  • I would like to learn more about (fill in the blank here). How do I suggest that? Email us at or plop a suggestion in the comments. We all read all the time.
  • What are the rules? The commenting policy is here. It’s pretty simple. Stay on topic. You can be honest but do it with respect and civility, and do not try to start arguments.
  • Do I have to be a commenter from any previous blog to be part of the club? No, you do not! All are welcome here. To this end, we do ask that Handbaggers limit the references to OoS or the Mothership in the comments. Not everyone will have that shared experience, and we strive to include all in the conversation.

Thank you everyone for supporting us during this adventure. We appreciate you all, old and new.