Housekeeping – What to Expect

First, a hearty thank you to all of you who support us. We are coming up on six months of blogging, and it’s been a great ride. We have been building this bridge under our feet as we go, so we appreciate everyone hanging in here while we figure out what works and what does not.

What Works

  1. Open Posts – We get great participation, and they have really gone a long way into making this a community.
  2. Interactive Posts – We love that you jump into things like the ROYGBIV posts. We have as much fun as you do!
  3. Polls – We love them. You love them.
  4. Defense of the …. – These have really generated some great discussion, particularly LuckeyGirl’s tiara posts.
  5. Royal Retrogravures – The community appears to love walking down memory lane.
  6. Spam a Man – Do we have to explain why it works ; )?

What Doesn’t Work

  1. Long Trip Recaps – They seem to occur too late, and do not generate much discussion.
  2. Royal Recaps – We suspect people read recaps on other blogs (which is GREAT, we do too) and they may be superfluous here.
  3. Anything too long, too “lecturey”, anything that doesn’t invite your participation.

Going Forward

With all that in mind, we are dropping the Royal Recap feature and instead adding a shorter “Bits and Bobs” feature, that will run on Monday most weeks. We’ll drop in a few things we missed during the previous week, with some links for those who are interested in pursuing the information. We ask that you add whatever you want to talk about (royal-related only!). If there is no Open Post that week, we’ll sticky it so it stays on the home page for the week. If something special is going on and we have an Open Post, that will take precedence.

For royal tours of great interest, we will provide an Open Post. Jump in and add relevant information, as long as it relates to the tour! We’ll update those as quickly as possible.

We’ll end the week with OrangeChia’s regular feature on Thursdays – yes, she is extending her ROYGBIV – and LuckeyGirl’s Defense posts on Friday. Unless there is something special going on, the weekend is a place of rest here at The Handbag.

The rest of the week is pretty fluid, but you’ll be happy to hear that lovinlorne has a GREAT new feature coming up. I won’t spoil her surprise but I think you’ll love it. LuckeyGirl and I have been working on some wedding posts that we hope will enliven the dog days of summer.

Again, thank you all. This place would simply be a boring corner of the internet without you.