Good morning/Afternoon/Evening Handbaggers! We have a bit of Housekeeping to get you updated on, so let’s dive on in!

Did you know we have a booming Instagram account? Well we do, and it offers a different perspective on the day’s posts, as well as hosting some original content. You can find the link to our IG page at the top of the Home Page, so go take a look!

When you click on the link, it will take you to the page below. You can click on the photos to be directly taken to our page, and don’t forget to follow us if you have an IG account!

We’ve also added Instagram to the “follow us” section at the bottom of the Home Page …

…as well as a link to get you straight to posts from the last 30 days, just in case you missed a few days. Why you would miss a few days I do not know, but whatever. ;0)

That will take you here:

So that’s it for now. We’re continually trying to make accessing our blog as smooth and as easy as possible, whether you prefer to do that via the original blog format, or though more of an “on the go” format.

As always we thank you all for helping to make The Handbag a success, and ask that you continue to provide us with any suggestions you might have to make our little corner of the “Royal Internet” a happy little home away from home.