In Defense of the Dress – Duchess of Cambridge in Jenny Packham

Are you a fan of lace and flow? If so, be prepared to defend it here. Today we take on one of the most talked about and controversial evening gowns the Duchess of Cambridge has ever donned.

The Facts

We are taking the Way Back Machine back to 2012, a simpler time. A lacier time. The still newlywed Duchess of Cambridge debuted a blue/teal evening gown at the Olympic Concert, Royal Albert Hall. At the time, much was made of her updo, a hairstyle she rarely wore. The dress itself has a flowing skirt and complicated bodice with lace insets and an entirely lace back. The updo was probably worn to show off this last feature.

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Kate repeated the dress for the Tusk Conservation Awards at Banqueting House in 2018 in London, England, allowing her locks to flow free. Well, we had already seen the back ; ).

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Boy, had we seen the dress! The Packham and it’s lookalike cousin, the Tadashi Shoji, were worn by lots of royals circa 2012 and 2013.

The Case for the Dress

LG: While not a full on “love” for this dress, I do quite like it. Of all the lookalikes dresses from that era, I think Kate’s is the most successful.

The Case Against the Dress

The Bag: I had hoped that time would mellow my thoughts about this dress, but alas, no. It’s still too reminiscent of the Olga nightgowns of my youth to make me happy. The lace inserts make me dizzy and make me itch vicariously. Still no.

OC: Newp. This Packham is a rare fail for me. It simply doesn’t jive with Catherine’s (even then evolving) style mojo.

LiL: While I enjoyed it much more the second time around, it’s still a no go for me. I absolutely detest the sleeves and shoulder area (which explains why hair down was better) and the color leaves me flat. Change all of that, and I might be on board. Maybe. Probably not.

What do you think of the Jenny Packham?