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In Defense of the Dress – Duo Edition

Now, this defense should get everyone talking.

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The Facts

King Philippe of Belgium, Queen Mathilde of Belgium, Queen Maxima of The Netherlands and King Willem-Alexander of The Netherlands all converge at the Noordeinde Palace during an official visit to The Netherlands on November 8, 2013. It seems like this all happened in another life, but it was the introductory visit of the Belgians to the Netherlands after the inauguration in 2013.

Remember Max’s bow phase? That was Jan Taminiau, the designer who I believe gets her best. Mathilde’s fuschia is – I believe – Natan. My mind archives don’t go back quite that far but that seems likely. Correct me if I’m wrong in the comments!

The Case for the Dress(es)

The Bag: A demerit for the creases because – gah – that should’t happen on expensive dresses. However both dresses are essentially well designed, and more important in my mind they suit the new Queens and make a great impact together.

OC: One of the finest curated coordinations in recent visit history. I have a quibble with the Belgian hat but overall, this is all stellar.

LiL: Oh, I am all OVER this pairing. Ginormous bow? CHECK! Weird, funky hat? CHECK! Pleasing color combo? CHECK! Like The Bag, I could do without the creases, but I’ll over look it this time around. Genuine, “happy to see each other”s for the win!

LG: Might be the first ever sweep in this category! While I’m 1,000,000% in love with Max’s, Tils’ is just a really high like (the neckline is a tad too high for me). The colors are fab, and mostly these two ladies look to be having a good time.

The Case Against the Dress (es)

Can you defend this dress duo?