In Defense of the Dress – Marie-Chantal in Alexander McQueen

Welcome back to the Defense of the Dress. It’s a new year, and lots of new dresses are just waiting to be defended. Let’s get down to it.

The Facts

The Duchess of Cambridge is NOT the only royal to wear McQueen, thankyouverymuch. Marie-Chantal of Greece, who is, granted, more royal-adjacent than royal, has also worn the designer. In 2015, she appeared at the Vanity Fair Oscar party in this silk printed McQueen, which features a high waistline and strategic cut outs. This dress provoked some very strong reactions among the Hofdames, but we kept in mind the adjacent part of royal-adjacent, and adjusted our judging spectacles accordingly.

Close-ups of the styling and earrings can be found on New My Royals.

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The Case for the Dress

The Handbag: OK, I am going to preface this by saying I placed it in context. It’s worn by a woman who is not part of a current monarchy to an event where she is more celebrity than royal. In that context, I think it’s a good compromise. She was going for 1930s Hollywood, and although it doesn’t reach that level of polish, it’s somewhat stylish, somewhat daring, and flattering.

The Case Against The Dress

LiL: I could honestly go either way, but I’ll take the against for one glaring reason. The bodice doesn’t fit properly. When you have that much money, there’s no excuse for poor tailoring.

Can you defend this dress?