In Defense of the Tiara – Bavarian Sunburst Tiara

This is one of my faves, but doesn’t get a lot of love from the royal watching crowds.


This one started its royal life with Infanta Maria de la Paz of Spain. It was a wedding present from her mother, Queen Isabella II upon her marriage to Prince Ludwig Ferdinand of Bavaria in 1883.

The central element is a fleur de lys, which is part of the coat of arms of the House of Bourbon.

The tiara stayed with the Bavarian Royals for more than a century, being worn by Princess Ursula, Princess Anna, and Princess Felipa, being sold off in May 2013 at Sotheby’s.

The Case for the Tiara

LG: I love this one. Yes, it’s spiky and kind of weirdly shaped, but that just adds to its charm for me. Is it a bit hard to pull off, definitely; but Princess Anna nailed it at Victoria and Daniel’s wedding. And Princess Felipa even made it work with her veil.

The Case of the MEH I JUST DON’T KNOWS

The Bag: I read Luckey Girl’s description several times in an attempt to understand this tiara, which is not a good sign. I like the idea of a sun, but this one might burst too much for my personal taste. I know I do not like it with bangs or a veil, so it’s a very particular situation tiara for me.

The Case Against the Tiara

OC: Newp, no thank you. The only quality that appeals to me is that it is all diamond. I literally cannot drum up another compliment despite thinking on it far too long.

LiL: Hard pass from me. Way too “bursty”. And it’s so tall in the center. There’s nothing appealing here, to me, at all. I’d break it down and immediately repurpose the diamonds into something much more my speed.

What do you think of the Bavarian Sunburst