In Defense of the Tiara – Dutch Mellerio Ruby

Time to take a stroll through the Dutch vaults for our fun little feature. This time we’re chatting about the Dutch Ruby Cat Ears…no the Dutch Sparkly Suspension…I mean the Dutch Mellerio Ruby Tiara.

Queen Maxima wearing the Mellerio Ruby Parure.

This one goes all the way back to 1889 when King Willem III ordered it for Queen Emma from the famed Paris jeweler Mellerio dits Meller. The design is of three large scroll motifs in rubies and diamonds echoed by two smaller motifs at the sides, all connected by three levels of trembling diamond strings.

The Case For the Tiara

OC: This one took a long time to win me over. Surprisingly, the rest of the parure is what brought me in. That necklace is divine. Now that I can see that motif in the tiara, I appreciate it that much more. Don’t let it fool you…this is a big gun.

The Handbag: I love it. It’s unusual and it has, in Max, a royal who can wear the heck out of it. The best thing about it, though? That fabulous necklace that comes with it..

The Case Against the Tiara

LiL: I have to go with no. Rubies and I don’t have the best relationship as it is, and this is way too pointy for my liking. I’d be happy to snag that necklace, though.

The Case of the Meh

LG: Love the rubies, hate the suspension look of the connecting elements. The rest of the parure is divine.

What do you guys think?

How do you feel about the Dutch Mellerio?