In Defense of the Tiara – Luxembourg Empire

For the next in our series, we are taking on one of the largest tiaras out there: The Luxembourg Empire Tiara.

This one had its coming out party at the wedding of Grand Duchess Charlotte and Prince Felix of Bourbon-Parma (Grand Duke Jean’s parents) back in 1919. There’s not any exact confirmation on where this one came from, with two competing theories being the most popular: either a gift from Grand Duchess Elizabeth Mikhailovna of Russia (first wife of Charlotte’s grandfather) or Grand Duchess Hilda of Baden (Charlotte’s aunt).

This is possibly the biggest of the big guns currently in rotation (I see you Russian tiaras…), and it is either one that looks very good when worn, or very not so good.

Grand Duchess Maria Teresa can’t wait to hear your opinion…

The Case For the Tiara

OC: YASSSSS gurl. Bring. It. On! A serious display of history and dominance all in a tall sparkly package, thus far carefully deployed.

LG: Yes, it’s enormous, and can be a bit much, but as someone who loves a bit much, this is right up my alley. This does need the right hair to work, but even with the wrong hair, it does stand out from the crowd.

The Case Against the Tiara

The Handbag: Jaw Crusher. Wall of Death diamonds. Not for me no sir. However, and this is by no means a diss on the lovely MT, I might like it better on a taller wearer. Darn shame that they don’t do inter-royal family lending. Maxima, this has your name on it. Catharina-Amalia could probably rock it when her time comes. But the short-of-stature MT is just run over by it.

LiL: Not on her. Maybe someone else. Until then, I give it a no.

What do you guys think?

What do you think of the Luxembourg Empire Tiara?